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There you are, lumbering up and down the avenues with your Ipod in hand and it hits you. That sudden urge to burst into song and sing along with your favorite Ghoulish-Goth-Rocker as they drone out in that Oh-So-Sexy manner that catches your ear, darkens your clothes, and lights your cigarettes. As you are about to warm those vocal muscles you make that gut-wrenching realization. You don’t know a third of the words to the song. Ouch. This is for the boys and girls who sought to sing but couldn’t find the words to their tunes. Welcome to Goth Lyric Share.


-This community is for RARE lyrics only. Obviously a community is not needed to archive easily accessible and readily available lyrics. Don’t post Siouxsie’s “Melt” because you think it sounds pretty when anyone can find it with a search engine. We can’t say what is easily found and what is not, but do try to use a bit of common-sense and look around a tad before requesting.

-Lyrics may be transcribed from what you hear, but be sure to make it EXPLICITLY CLEAR that you have done so. If there are discrepancies with someone’s transcription, they may be discussed in the comment section.

-Don’t post lyrics that someone has already posted, if you’re not sure if they have been, check the website. Repeats will be deleted.

-Although this community is primarily focused on Goth-Rock/Deathrock/No-Wave/Batcave music, other 80’s/Goth/Punk related lyrical posts are acceptable. HOWEVER, it has been jointly agreed upon by both of Gothlyricshare’s moderators that music which is not in some relation to the above genres of music will be promptly deleted. (EBM, Industrial-Metal, Nu-Metal, etc.) We do not care if you believe that your particular band “really is Goth” we by no means have to be fair about anything.

-Critiques and discussion of lyrics/lyric meaning is welcome, although please refrain from “JESUS THIS CRAP SUCKS” commentary, and instead attempt insightful criticism.

-Please use lj cut if you are posting multiple songs or long lyrics.

-Do not spam your community, band, or other organization or make off-topic posts on this community without the permission of the mods PlaceboxEffect or Adrian Anansi

Follow the rules. If you don’t your post will be deleted. If you continually break the rules, you will be banned.

General Formatting

Please label the lyrics you post with as much of the information below as possible:

Written out by user: Yes or No

If you are posting multiple song lyrics, please arrange your post in this manner:

Song Info 1
Song Info 2
Song Info 2

(Lj Cut)

Song Lyrics 1
Song Lyrics 2
Song Lyrics 3

If you have acquired your lyrics from some outside source, please read over them. Often times errors will be made to the lyrics (misspellings and general typos), or the formatting will be very poor (just because you have take the lyrics from the band’s official site, that does not make them perfect). Listen to the song, and adjust the formatting to better fit the breaks and choruses. DO NOT perform changes to the wording, if you feel a change needs to be made, make a note of it BEFORE posting the lyrics in the “comments” area of the heading.

Additional Information

Send requests to GothLyricShare@Yahoo.com, they will be posted monthly.

When you fill a request, please make note that you did so on the request post.

Lyrics will be periodically catalogued at (URL) if you’re looking for lyrics, check there before making a request.

Please visit our sister community! GothMusicShare